Sundays @ New Journey

I know some churches have pretty elaborate church services, how about New Journey?

Currently we are a very small group of people meeting in the theater of Ormond Stone Middle School in Centreville, Virginia.   We meet at 10 a.m. on Sundays and the service runs about an hour. We don't have much of a show to offer you, but we do promise that we are committed to creating a safe space for people to explore Christ without feeling pressured or condemned.  Though we are small, we have big plans to grow, and maybe you can help us make that happen!

What is the music like?

While we hope to add more musicians and vocalists to our worship in the future, we currently are led with a single vocalist with guitar or keyboard.  The style of music is contemporary with some of the older hymns thrown into the mix on occasion.

Do I need to dress up?

We know there are some folks who like to dress up for church, so if that's you we welcome our suit clad friends with open arms, but most of us will be found in jeans and t-shirts.  How about shorts?  Sure.  Sandals? Hey, Jesus wore them, feel free.  Also, sometimes folks feel like they need to hide tattoos and facial piercings, etc. for church.  That is not the case here.

What are the messages like?

Our messages go about 30 minutes.  At New Journey, we believe that questions are a good thing and that there ought to be space for people to think for themselves as we journey through the scriptures together.  Those giving messages have a goal to make them relevant to everyday life while properly exploring context. We invite you to explore truth with us. 

Will I be asked to introduce myself in the service or stand up and be recognized?

NO! While the extremely extroverted among us all may love jumping up in front of strangers and introducing themselves, we know that can be very awkward for many.  There is about a minute or two in our service where we encourage folks to shake hands with someone next to them and say hello while some music plays. 

Do you take Communion?

Yes, we take communion every week.  This usually happens towards the end of our service. Some churches use bread and wine, we use bread and juice so that those who have wine allergies or are in recovery feel comfortable participating.  For more about Communion and why we do it, see below. Communion is open for all who consider themselves to be followers of Christ.  NO ONE is ever made to feel that they should take communion if they feel like they shouldn't or aren't ready to do so. 

What about Kids?

Since we are just getting started, we currently do not have a children's/Nursery program. Kids are welcomed at our service and we provide coloring books, crayons, and small books for children to read.  We recently started a Sunday School class for young children that takes place during the message.  Afraid that your kid may yell something out at an inappropriate time?  Hey, that's what kids do.  No worries.  We also understand when folks need to get up and take their little one out for a bit to attend to needs, so again, no worries!

What is Communion?

Every Sunday, usually toward the end of our time together, we take communion.  This is where we take a small piece of bread and dip it in the cup of juice (some churches use wine) and then eat the bread.  We know this can sound strange, but not really when you think about it. 

It makes sense that a God who is described as the very essence of love, invites us to the table; good things can happen around a table!  Friends and family gather around a table.  Every week we remind ourselves that all are invited to God's table of grace, as together we experience life-changing love. 

God calls us to gather around the family table and he meets with us; such a divine mystery.  The bread, representing the body of Christ, and the Cup, representing the blood, is a reminder of the message of Christ.  It reminds us that he lived, that he sacrificed, that he died, that he lives again and for always, and that he calls us together at the table to take part in a meal of Love. 

Here we find comfort that we come just as we are because of who he is.  We examine our lives, we find the depths of his forgiveness when we come to him; hearts tuned towards the vibrations of his grace and mercy as discovered in repentance. It's a reminder of who he is, and who we are in him. 

This is Communion, the Lord's Supper, the Holy Eucharist, the thanksgiving meal.

At New Journey, our Communion is open for everyone that considers themselves to be a follower of Christ.