Opportunity to Connect: Journey Group!

During the school year from late August to June we meet at the home of one of our church members for a small group Bible study.   We start off with light snacks and fellowship, as we value "doing life" with one another.   Then we transition to sharing prayer requests and spending some time in prayer.  Finally, we usually discuss the sermon in a more informal setting, referencing Bible verses, sharing our perspectives, and trying to apply what we've learned that week. 

This group is open to all ages!.   While no child care is provided, parents are welcome to bring their children.  We would love to have you!  No special knowledge of the Bible is needed, nor is it required that you previously attended church on Sunday (we'll get you up to speed on the sermon when you get here)!   You do not need to bring anything other than yourself, and perhaps your bible! (If you don't have a Bible, we have one for you!)

We meet during the school year on Tuesday nights from 7-8:15pm in Fairfax, Virginia.  During the summer when our small group is not in session, we do meet informally for get-togethers as well.   Please email our pastor at pk@newjourney.cc for more information about locations, parking, and any questions you may have!