Current Teaching Series; The second act    9/15 - 10/13

The Second Act... a phrase that can be used to describe a major change in one's journey. Referring to a switch in careers, choosing a second career after retirement, or the act of a play often outlining a challenge to the main character's path to fulfillment, a "Second Act" can be a mix of exhilaration, hard work, and a lot of uncertainty.  Regardless of its use, a second act in our life can be overwhelming scary and filled to the brim with stress. 

What if our second act, our new path, comes on the heels of a difficult past, a marred reputation, or a series of failures?  What do we do if we feel no one is in our corner and the road is just too long?  Perhaps we find our strength in the stories of redemption and glimpses of grace found in the Scriptures.