The DC Metro area is filled with some pretty great churches.  Some are huge and some are small, some have multiple services and locations, and some meet in small venues and homes, but the variety is plentiful.   So then why are we relaunching New Journey instead of joining one "already in progress?"

Even among a small group like ours, we have had many church experiences that left us wounded or restless.  Many of those experiences were in churches filled with well-meaning people who love God, it was just that we were looking for something different.  There are so many ways churches express what it means to follow Jesus; we just found we often felt like round pegs in square holes. From focusing on political agendas to traditions trumping relationships, we grew weary of "religious culture wars."  We also want a safe space to invite our friends to come and explore faith, regardless of their socioeconomic status, nationality, church background, sexual orientation, or other factors.

As we explored the scriptures in search of Jesus, we found a radical call to love and an amazing challenge to follow in his footsteps. We discovered a beautiful picture of a life lived in a call to love others, the Kingdom of God, as painted by the words of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount and demonstrated in the gospels. The Kingdom of God isn't somewhere above the clouds in a faraway heaven when life is over, but a challenge to live this amazing Spirit-fueled Kingdom life now.

Churches are like a box of colored pencils.  While they may all have a central connection, they are unique as each brings their own color to the beautiful tapestry that God continues to create. We hope this helps to show a little bit of our unique color.  We understand that it isn't for everyone.  However, if what you have read resonates with you then we want to invite you to hang out with us. 

At New Journey, you won't find a huge crowd or a polished service.  Right now we are meeting as a relaunch team, at a room in Stone Middle School, as we reimagine what New Journey could look like; refocusing on our mission and call to create safe spaces for "the rest of us."

While our Sunday morning gathering is more of a team session, it is definitely open to the public and you and your family members are more than welcome to join us and check it out as we dream a little.

Click here for more information about our Sunday Morning Reimagining Sessions.

Click here for a link to google maps for Ormond Stone Middle School.