On Mission Together

New Journey is pretty small right now, just a handful of people with the dream of building a faith community that makes a difference in the lives of each person that attends, the communities in which we live, and ultimately the world.  If you want to know our mission statement in one word, it would be love.  The longer version is below.  Take a look and see if it resonates with you.

New Journey is...

a church that welcomes all people,

as we explore an authentic faith together,

following Jesus and his example of loving others in a hurting world.

...a church that welcomes all people...

At New Journey Church, we believe that all people have unsurpassable worth to God and that church should be a place where all people feel welcome to explore faith and follow Jesus... TOGETHER! 

At New Journey you are welcome regardless of the color of your skin, the country listed on your birth certificate, Straight or LGBTQ+, Republican, Democrat, Independent or "other", young or old, cat person or dog person, morning person or night owl, etc. etc. etc.

We believe faith is a journey and the more diverse the community we journey with, the more opportunities we have to learn from one another as we explore the amazing gospel of Christ. This belief is core to who we are, so it's not something we will change.  Everyone has unsurpassable worth. Yes, that means you!

...as we explore an authentic

faith together...

We say it a lot, and not just because the word Journey is in our name.  We do believe that faith is journey.  We also believe it is a journey to be lived, not just a journey of the mind.  We are a clumsy group of misfits journeying together, almost stumbling forward into the wide grace and mercy of God. 

It's an adventure filled with unknowns and risks.  None of us have the whole map and together we follow after Christ, finding comfort that we do not do it alone.  No pretense here and no trite sayings to sum up the beauty that is found in a life lived following Christ. 

We do not hide our imperfections or our scars.  God is transforming them from reminders of pain to reminders that pain doesn't last always and that the mercies of God are new every day.

...following Jesus and his example of loving others in a hurting world.

A pretty strange story for some, we must admit.  If there were cameras around thousands of years ago, we would perhaps see a photo of him sitting among his friends, lounging as they eat a meal together and smiling.  There he would be, a brown-skinned Jew, nothing seemingly regal in his appearance, as he enjoys the community they are experiencing.

But it was that man who changed everything.  Some would call him a rebel, others a peace-loving, homeless preacher.  Some would even dare to call him God. 

We believe that the challenge is clear.  His life was not just about purpose, it was a pattern.  He left us an example to follow.  We are to love those that are hurting, to weep with them when the grief weighs heavy and to celebrate the positive moments with those experiencing a joyful respite from life's troubles. 

We find that something pulls us closer to him, as if he is calling us to discover a life that can only be found by getting lost in the bigness of God.  It is a unique story about redemption, hope, and healing that is found in following Christ.