Journey Groups:

Navigating life & faith... together!

Journey Groups are people gathering weekly to encourage one another and have meaningful conversations. Each meeting provides a safe space to grow in faith and learn from the life of Jesus. Journey Groups are small groups for the rest of us!  We currently have one Journey Group and hope to add more in the not-so-distant future!

Wednesdays in Gainesville

7:00 - 8:00 pm

Consider coming at 6:30 pm for a simple supper.

Often a journey takes the traveler through unchartered territory with peaks, valleys, and plateaus; our faith journey is no different. When journeying through unfamiliar land, it can be helpful to have trail markers to look for along the way. At New Journey, we have created some trail markers for our Journey Groups to ensure people feel comfortable. These markers help us create safe spaces where growth can happen, and relationships can be built.  These trail markers are listed below.  If you are interested in joining our Journey Group on Wednesdays, or if you have questions, please email

Who are journey groups for?

People who have questions about Jesus, 

as well as those who were so frustrated they may have thrown away a Bible.

People who have been told that they are not welcome at church, 

as well as those who think this should have never happened.

People who can't be their true selves, 

as well as those who have come to find and love their true selves.

People who have it all figured out, 

as well as those who know that's not true.

People who are discovering they are part of the LGBTQIA+ Community, 

as well as those who are allies.

People who don't have friends, 

as well as those who have more friends than they can count.

People who mow their lawn at 7:00 am on Saturday, 

as well as those who cuss when their neighbor mows their lawn at 7:00 am.

...and everyone in between.

In other words, all are welcome at Journey Groups*

 *Seriously, all are welcome as we gather with respect & consideration for one another.

Privacy is Respected

Attendees do not share the stories of others outside of the group meeting.

The group is a shame-free zone. 

Bible verses aren't used as weapons and there is a mutual understanding that we are all at different places on our journeys.

Attendees use I statements...

because we feel free to speak about our own experiences.

Vulnerability is welcomed

This environment is fostered by active listening, no side conversations while others share, and silence is welcomed (including pausing when necessary for personal reflection).

Conflict is handled with love. 

Conflict will arise from time to time because... well, we're human. However, when conflict within the group occurs, we commit to dealing with it immediately in a loving fashion that places a high value on one another.

We are here to journey together in our faith, not to "fix one another. "

We will leave the heavy lifting to Jesus while we support one another. 

This is not an echo chamber for experts. 

We are thankful for those who have theological expertise to share from formal training or self-study. However, the purpose of the group is to walk our faith journey together and there are no prerequisites for Bible knowledge.

Attendees are self-aware. 

Group attendees do not monopolize time and we treat others with kindness in action and word.