Racial Equality

Racial equality and reconciliation is foundational to a community modeling it's mission and values on the gospel of Jesus.  We believe to follow Jesus is to walk in a way that represents his core teachings and the way that he modeled his life and ministry.  At New Journey, we ensure that our message is clear and that we not just affirm that racism of any kind is antithetical to our mission, but that our teaching regularly includes speaking out against the evils of it and encourage an active and deliberate approach to dismantle systems and attitudes that feed it. We believe this is a critical and important work of God's Holy Spirit in the life of a follow of Jesus. 

Some will say that we should not see color, nationalities, etc.  At New Journey, we do not believe that leaving an important part of who we are at the door is the answer.  We believe the answer is to not ignore our differences and unique experiences but instead to CELEBRATE them.  We come together with a posture of learning from one another, listening to our collective stories, and celebrating our diverse cultures and histories.  We bring our full selves into the life of New Journey; therefore each of us become a stakeholder in educating one another and weaving our individual threads into the beautiful tapestry of our faith community.