Uh Oh... What do I do when the Bible Isn't the book i thought it would be?

The Bible, the bestselling book of all time, has a rich history albeit marred at many points along the way by its use to justify slavery, genocide, xenophobia, nationalism, and many other horrors.  How could the same book be filled with such hope and comfort for one reader also be the same book that brings a justification for hate and murder for another?  

And what about those of us who were taught that the Bible has to be taken literally in every aspect yet find talking snakes and calls for complete annihilation of peoples at God's order, to be contrary to the nature of God as we have come to discover?

Join us for the next three weeks as we take a look at the way we approach the bible.  Is it possible to explore truth while acknowledging the profound issues with trying to find wisdom in our modern world through an ancient text?  Is there another way forward than choosing an all or nothing road that either requires us to check our brain at the door or to completely walk away from the faith we have experienced as real and holy? Let's dive in an explore together.